Riding Lessons

Lessons are offered for all skill levels; horses and ponies are available to fit every rider.


On Farm:
Enrollment Fee for all NEW* students is $25.00
Private Lessons are $45.00 per week per 1/2 hour – $60.00 per week per hour
Discounted monthly $145 (set day and time 4x month paid on the first lesson)
Group Lessons are $35.00 per week per hour
Discounted Group Lessons are $125.00 per calendar month
Therapeutic sessions are $45.00 per 1/2 hour
Horse Training sessions (single) w/CK Bellone are $35.00
Horse Training sessions (single) w/working students are $25.00

Off Farm:
1/2 hour lesson / consultation $50.00
1 hour lesson $70.00

Of Note:
Late Charge of $5.00 per 5 days late
Special Grain – You Provide

Use of horse & split transportation, coaching and class entry fee – per case basis
Transportation: $20.00 hook-up + $3.00 per mile
A transportation charge may apply if greater than 10 minutes each direction
*Any student that does not continue enrollment for 2 or more consecutive months will be required to re-enroll and pay the $25.00 enrollment fee again.
To receive the GROUP DISCOUNTED LESSON rate you agree to the following:

1. Come on a specific day and time every week for one or more calendar months; enrollment is ongoing.

2. One make-up lesson per month, not including changes made by Newberry Farm (NF) due to weather.

3. Call the farm by 9am on the day a lesson will be missed; or a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled lesson.

4. Any lesson missed without notification will be forfeited, there are no make-ups for missed lessons

5. NF will call or text to cancel 1/2 hour before the lesson if the farm needs to make changes.

6. Pay the weekly rate for lessons in a given month if you know ahead of time that you will be missing 2 or more weeks.

7. Schedule make-up lessons at the time of cancellation (make-up sign-up sheet located on the parent/student info board located in the tack room)

8. In the event of your regular instructor being available, a substitute may be used

Please make sure that you have read the above rules VERY CAREFULLY and FULLY UNDERSTAND them. Should you have any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to ask.

We retain the services of paid instructors and equine instructors based on our level of enrollment one month in advance. The maintenance of our horses is also a factor regarding enrollment. It is crucial to the success of all of our students and horses that notification of changes and/or cancellations is made immediately to NF Management.

If you are aware that you or your child will not be able to attend in part or whole, the regularly scheduled lessons for a particular month (see #6 above) and NF Management is not notified, you will be required to pay your tuition.

Newberry Farm makes every effort possible to accommodate all needs and situations and we do understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise. We simply ask that you make every effort to communicate with us.

Please understand that enrollment is ongoing – If the farm is not notified before the beginning of the next month please understand that you will be billed for your lesson spot.