Stone Acres Therapeutic and Newberry Farm Horse Show and Farm Party Dec. 21, 2013!

-please download the show sign up sheet.

Dressage- Format: (Test: Clinic: Retest)

-2nd test counts for competition score!

-Test of choice specify on entry form

Open/General Classes:

1)      Leadline (Beginner and therapeutic rides with a helper)

2)      Holiday Costume Class

3)      Bareback Equitation Walk/Trot

4)      Reindeer Leap Jumping

5)      Command Walk/Trot (Judged on horse’s obedience and rider’s ability to follow directions.

6)      Tree Turns (Bending poles)

7)      Snowball Search – Find the right snowball!

8)      Snowball Toss

9)      Reindeer Pairs – Grab a partner for side-by-side riding.

Fees are: (Payable to Stone Acres)

$55 per Dressage Test/Clinic

$10 per class for Open General Classes

Horse Usage Fees (Payable to Newberry Farm)

$10 per class horse use fee

$35 per day for unlimited classes with horse